"Lalo uses her music to open the doors to someplace ethereal and filled with kaleidoscopic color."
-Jennifer Layton
"While Lalo picks a few strategic moments to show her chops, it is totally refreshing to hear a vibraphonist who so beautifully shows off the lyrical quality of this instrument."
-Scott Herring (Percussive Notes Journal)
“Lalo’s tunes alternate their serene floating intents with funky fun.”
-Downbeat (John Ephland)

Lalo - Urban Myth

Urban Myth
featuring Rob Jost- bass, Greg Pattillo- beat box flute, Max Pollak- rumbatap, Kenny Rampton- trumpet & flugelhorn

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Lalo - Vibe Pieces Book Cover

Vibe Pieces Book

Half Moon
featuring Nathan Heleine- alto saxophone, Ike Sturm- bass, Madeline Sturm- bass clarinet, Take Toriyama- drums, Lionel Loueke- guitar

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featuring Todd Isler- drums, Kermit Driscoll- bass

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